Country Bazaar's Honey, Inc has a wide variety of tasty treats for everyone. We carry a wide variety of Hillbilly Soppin' jams, jellies, preserves, chow-chows, relish and more. We have old time apple butter, pumpkin butter, molasses and sorghum also.
Honey of course, is our specialty. We carry many sizes of honey in both glass and plastic jars. We prefer to ship the plastic due to breakage factors. We have honey with or without the honeycomb and even carry honey bears and angels. If the bees make it, we have it!
Other honey products include honeycombs and cream honey.
Creamed Honey - $4.00 per 1 lb.
Hard to find Honeycomb - $5.00

Honey Cookbooks

Wonderful World of Bee Pollen
It is essential to know why, how and from what the honeybee manufactures bee pollen. If you are going to take bee pollen for a nutritional food, you can find these and other answers in this book by Joe M. Parkhill, Honeyologist. $6.95

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Here's to You Honey! A Sugarless Cookbook - An exciting cookbook designed & created by Joe Parkhill, a noted Honeyologist and beekeeper and Savannah Parkhill. Over 300 taste-tested recipes, health hints, beauty ideas and honey facts. Also "Honey versus Sugar" chapter - find out the truth about sugar! $12.95
Nature's Golden Treasures Honey Cookbook
This world reknowned, hardcovered cookbook has lots of good recipes and tidbids in this book by Joe M. Parkhill, Honeyologist. SPECIAL $12.00
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Whole Grain Superior Bee Pollen
Not flower or wind blown, but "American" Bee Pollen.

8 oz. lightweight, nonbreakable bottle - $9.00

500mg. tablets
90 count - $8.50

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500 mg. tablets, 90 count bottle
Superior Royal Jelly
15,000 mg of royal jelly in a mixture of honey and pollen,
11 oz. bottle

Contact us for shipping charges. We ship UPS.

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